Visit Visas

Visitors are generally permitted to remain for up to six months

Do you wish for a family member, friend or partner to come and visit yourself in the UK, or perhaps you would like to visit the UK for tourism purposes or to attend an event such as a wedding?

Visit Visas remain complexed in nature. Unfortunately, these applications do carry some of the highest rates of refusal generally, therefore it is important to pick a repeatable Immigration representative to help prepare your application.

Visitor Visas allow foreign nationals who are subject to immigration control to enter the UK for a short period of time. This period is usually a maximum of six months. A long term (multiple visit) visa can also be obtained for either 2 years, 5 years or even 10 years.
Eligibility to apply for a Visitor’s Visa will depend on what you intend to do whilst you are in the UK. You must show both a genuine reason to enter the UK and also a genuine intention to return to your country of origin. You must also have sufficient funds to support and accommodate yourself and to be able to meet the cost of your return or onward journey, so we recommend a consultation with one of our specialists prior to submitting your application to ensure success.

One of our caseworkers will take detailed instructions about your situation to assess your eligibility and find the right type of Visitor Visa for you. He/she will also prepare a Letter of Representation to accompany your application. This letter includes information about your case and its merits and it also links your case to other successful cases. Your caseworker will also complete your application to the highest standard in order to maximise your chances of success. Get in touch with us now to speak with one of our advisers.

Why Choose MLC Immigration Lawyers?

MLC has an impressive track record of obtaining favourable results with visit visa applications. We will initially make a frank assessment of your application by looking at the facts of the case, the evidence available and also the intentions of the visit. Once we are happy that the case has merits, we will begin to prepare your application to the best of our ability and hopefully receive a successful decision for yourself. We also have a great track record to obtaining a positive decision when others may have previously failed.

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