Start up and Innovator visa

For individuals seeking to set up and establish a new business in the UK

Start-up Visa

The UK Start-up visa is for individuals seeking to set up and establish a new business in the UK. These individuals will generally be new entrepreneurs without a track record of running their own business. There is no requirements to invest or secure any amount to funding into the business at the initial start-up stage. The UK Start-up visa category is suitable for early-stage, but high potential, entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business in the UK for the first time. Your business idea must be approved by a Home Office approved endorsing body prior to apply for your visa.
Please find general Start Up visa information and requirements to consider below: –
Innovator Visa

This route is available for more experienced personnel who have previously had experience of running their own business. The UK Innovator visa category is suitable for experienced businesspersons who are looking to set up a new business in the UK, which is innovative, viable and scalable.


Applicants are expected to present a new business idea. Generally, the business will not already exist. However, where it does, the new business should not yet have fully started trading. Applicants can work on their own as a sole founder, or together as part of an entrepreneurial team. Joint venture arrangements may also be acceptable.


The business idea may relate to any sector, provided the business idea is sufficiently innovative, viable and scalable. For example, the restriction on companies mainly engaged in property development under the previous Tier 1 Entrepreneur category does not apply. Applicants can develop other businesses as well as their main business idea.

Requirements for a UK Innovator visa

In order to qualify for a UK Innovator visa, you will need to satisfy UK Visas and Immigration that: In order to qualify for under this route, the following information and criteria will need to be assessed.

Innovator visa- ILR (Settlement)

You satisfy at least two of the following:

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The process of either a start up or Innovator visa can be broken into two distinct stages. 1. Application to the endorsing body. 2. Application to the Home Office. Both stages require careful navigation, planning, expert guidance, and preparation. MLC Immigration Lawyers have a wealth of experience in preparing applications to the relevant endorsing bodies and thereafter the Home Office.


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