Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

Enables migrants from outside of the UK to stay in the UK without restrictions

MLC Immigration Lawyers are experienced at helping migrants secure Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK and can support you in the application process to ensure a successful result.

Individuals who have held the same type of British visa for 5 years or more are eligible to apply for ILR, although in certain circumstances you may be eligible after just 3 years. Indefinite Leave to Remain enables migrants from outside of the UK to stay in the UK without restrictions and is the first step to take before applying for full British citizenship or naturalisation.

Almost all other British visa routes are eligible to apply for ILR after meeting certain other requirements, including those who have been on Tier 1 Visas, Tier 2 Work Visas, and Spouse Visas.

The conditions that you need to meet to qualify for ILR are as follows:

The requirements can vary so it’s best to speak to an Immigration Lawyer to determine if you’re eligible to apply and what you will need to include with your ILR application.

Why Choose MLC Immigration Lawyers to prepare your ILR application?

MLC Immigration Lawyers has assisted many clients on their journey to indefinite leave to remain. No matter the route, our team has expertise and experience dealing with your application.

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