Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa

We have assisted many individuals successfully obtain their visa

The Entrepreneur visa is now closed for new applicants seeking entry under this route. However, those who are already in the UK with leave as a Tier 1 Entrepreneur or dependent family member of a Tier 1 Entrepreneur can extend their visa until 5 April 2023. Applications to settle under this route (indefinite leave to remain) also remain open.


Extending or settlement (ILR) as an Entrepreneur migrant can be broken down into the following requirements: –

Applications for extension or settlement can be made by a single Entrepreneur or two individuals as part of an Entrepreneur team if they had previously been granted leave as an Entrepreneur team. If applying as an Entrepreneur Team all the requirements are shared between both applications. For example, the investment amount of £200,000 will be evidence by each applicant showing £100,000 of investment each.

If applying for your extension, a successful applicant will receive a further grant of two years. Upon completion of five years in total you may apply for settlement (ILR) subject to fulfilling all the criteria.

We understand many Entrepreneurs have been affected by the COVID pandemic which may have caused issues meeting the requirements for extension or settlement. The Home Office has provided certain concessions to those Entrepreneurs who have genuine been unable to fore fill the requirements of their visa due to the pandemic. MLC Immigration Lawyers have assisted many individuals successfully obtain their visa under these circumstances.

Why choose MLC Immigrations Lawyer for help applying for an Entrepreneur Visa?

Entrepreneur visas can be complexed in nature. Whether is is navigating around the different ways to meet the job criteria, or how the investment is deemed to be made. MLC Immigration Lawyers Ltd have an extensive history of assisting Tier 1 Entrepreneurs with their visa requirements, assisting countless individuals, entrepreneur teams and their family members successfully achieve entry clearance (now closed), extensions and settlement.


Our expert knowledge and guidance will allow you to concentrate on running your business needs whilst we concentrate on navigating and preparing your case. Call our team today to discuss your case and see how we can assist you.


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