Global Talent Visa

Allows talented and promising individuals to live & work in the UK

The Global Talent visa replaced the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa in February 2020. Generally, the criteria has largely remined similar to its predecessor. This visa category is aimed for talented and promising individuals in specific sectors wishing to work in the UK.

The overriding objective with this visa category is to attract the best and brightest talent within their chosen fields.


Applications can be made by either a recognised ‘talent’ or an applicant with ‘promise’. An applicant who wishes to apply as a ‘talent’ must prove he is currently recognised as an industry leader within his or her field. An applicant who wishes to apply as a ‘promise’ must demonstrate he or she is likely to be recognised as a ‘talent’ in the near future.


To be considered for entry under the Global Talent visa, applicants must normally seek endorsement from one of six endorsing bodies engaged by the UK Home Office.

The current endorsing bodies are as follows:

The Application process can be broken down into two stages: –

1. An application for an endorsement by a relevant institution.
2. A Home Office application for permission to enter or stay in the UK within three months of receiving an endorsement.


If you are applying for endorsement in the fields of science, engineering, medicine, the social sciences or the humanities, or for other academic and research roles, the Home Office will refer your application to the British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Society or UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) which will make an endorsement decision based on the evidence you provide.


If you are applying for endorsement in non-academic fields of arts and culture and digital technology, your application will be referred to Arts Council England or Tech Nation, which follow separate endorsement criteria. Holders of certain prestigious prizes can apply for a visa without going through the initial endorsement stage. Each endorsing body has its own set of criteria for a Global Talent endorsement, but in each case you will need a substantial body of work and support from experts in your field.

There are four different ways to qualify for the Global Talent Visa. These are:

If endorsement is granted, the final immigration decision rests with the Home Office. The Applicant will then need to submit an application to the Home Office for acceptance under the Global Talent route. Under this visa type, you can apply for settled status just after 5 years if you are working in the fields of science, engineering, humanities or medicine. After holding settled status for a year, individuals under this visa category may apply for Naturalisation and become a British citizen.

Under this visa scheme, individuals can bring dependents and immediate family members to the UK with them. They will have full access to studying and work in the UK.

The scheme also permits an exemption from the absence rule, allowing individuals to travel and work abroad as long as it is relevant to your research. This means visa holders can freely travel for research without worrying about the impact on settlement applications.

Why choose MLC Immigrations Lawyer for help applying for a Global Talent Visa?

Successfully receiving an endorsed from an approved body and thereafter meeting all Home Office criteria can be a daunting task. Our experienced team will initially help assess your prospects for success in this category. Should we deem your changes are good, we will prepare each stage of your application from development to submission of your application.

Using our two-step verification: – (1. Judging the initial merits and chances of receiving an endorsed 2. Your ability to fore fill all relevant Home Office criteria) we remain confident of securing the best outcome for yourself. Contact our team today to see how we can assist you.


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