Immigration Appeals

An appeal will allow you to challenge the decision

If your application or asylum claim has been refused, you would, in most cases be given a right of appeal and this would be set out in the notice of decision issued by the Home Office. An appeal will allow you to challenge the decision before the First Tier Tribunal where a Judge will decide if the refusal was correct in law or should be overturned.


There is a strict timetable that has to be followed in respect of an appeal starting with lodging an appeal, which must be done within 14 days or 28 days if the decision relates to an application made outside the UK. Once an appeal is lodged an appeal bundle has to be prepared and filed after the Home Office have filed their bundle.


The Home Office would then review their decision based on all the evidence submitted in the appeal bundle. If the decision is maintained then the appeal would proceed to the hearing stage. We assist clients throughout the full process of lodging an appeal, preparing strong legal arguments accompanied with the appeal bundle and representing them at the hearing itself. Should the appeal fail at the first stage, we represent clients before the Upper Tribunal (higher immigration court).

Why choose MLC Immigration Lawyers?

A UK Immigration Appeal requires careful preparation and strategic plaining in order to obtain a favourable outcome. Your Appeal must be clear and precise and backed up by evidence, facts and the law. Our team has years of experience preparing successful appeals.

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