Spouse Visas – Requirements for Proof of Cash Savings

We are here to advise and navigate this complicated visa route

MLC Immigration Lawyers specialise in providing UK visa support and guidance to those wishing to meet the financial requirements to sponsor their partner (spouse, unmarried partner, partner or fiancé) either to enter or remain in the UK based on their combined cash savings.


MLC Immigration Lawyers specialise in supporting Spouse Visa applications and are on hand to advise and navigate this complicated immigration route.


The spouse visa route requires a large amount of paperwork including proof that you are in a genuine relationship, have a certain level of knowledge of the English language and proof that you meet the financial requirements.

Financial requirements for Spouse Visas based on Cash Savings
In most cases, you must be able to prove that you and your partner have a combined case savings of over £62,500 to qualify for a spouse visa.


If your savings are less than the minimum requirement but higher than £16,000, you can use the savings to reduce your financial requirement with funds from either employment, investments, stocks, shares, etc. Contact our team to discuss your options if this is the case.


We cater to provide immigration services to a range of professional clients and families, and can guide you through the rules of the immigration office to help you understand if you and your family qualify for Spouse and Dependent visas.


Instruct MLC Immigration Lawyers and we can advise and navigate you through the minefield of rules and requirements of the UK immigration system, finding you efficient routes and quicker solutions ensuring you are not separated from your loved ones.

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