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Case Study: How MLC Immigration Lawyers Is Helping Non-EU Nationals Naturalise As British Citizens

Find out how MLC Immigration Lawyers helped Ishtiak Jakaria to achieve his aim of becoming a British Citizen.


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Surinder Singh Route – bringing families together in spite of Government policy

As the projected day of the UK’s departure from the EU, many Britons chose to return to their home country following years of working or doing business in the EU. (more…)

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EEA National’s Family Members – act now before it’s too late!

Before the UK’s departure from the European Union in March 2019, EEA nationals are still more than able to bring their family members over if they meet the requirements. As there is uncertainty over what will happen after Brexit, MLC will explain what the situation looks like until then for EEA national family members. (more…)

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Applying for British Citizenship..Lessons from the US

British Citizenship. Recently the Guardian wrote an opinion piece this weekend on America’s approach to securing nationality. It seems to be a more relaxed approach and not one mirrored by the UK, despite arising from English common law. (more…)

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Can I work whilst awaiting a Home Office decision on 3C Leave?

The Guardian recently published an article on Kehinde’s legal success; a Nigerian woman who has won the the right to work whilst she is awaiting a decision on her immigration status due to her serious, ongoing illness and need to afford medication and to pay for general living costs.


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Visa Misery for Foreign Spouses…but help is at hand 

When getting engaged, worries should include whether your soon-to-be spouse leaves the fridge door open or if they snore during the night. They should not include the prospective partner’s nationality and the difficulty in gaining a spouse visa.  (more…)

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Advice for Undocumented Commonwealth Citizens in the UK (Windrush Generation)

The advice below is provided to Windrush cases by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), part of the Government’s Home Office. Should you have any questions regarding this advice and/or require representation from an immigration lawyer, MLC Immigration Lawyers may be able to help. Contact us on 0161 224 4224 or


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