Case Study: How MLC Immigration Lawyers Is Helping Non-EU Nationals Naturalise As British Citizens

//Case Study: How MLC Immigration Lawyers Is Helping Non-EU Nationals Naturalise As British Citizens

Case Study: How MLC Immigration Lawyers Is Helping Non-EU Nationals Naturalise As British Citizens

Find out how MLC Immigration Lawyers helped Ishtiak Jakaria to achieve his aim of becoming a British Citizen.

 A Complex Situation

Mr. Ishtiak Jakaria, a Bangladeshi National, came to MLC Immigration Lawyers  for legal help to him acquire British citizenship. His case was a complex one where it was unclear whether he had continuous leave in the UK. Mr Jakaria had only been in the UK since 2010, originally entering as a student and then remaining as the partner of a British citizen. Thereafter, Mr Jakaria was granted indefinite leave to remain in 2017 after being granted leave to remain outside the rules following the breakdown of the marriage, administrative review refusals and finally a decision by judicial review that Mr Jakaria was indeed granted indefinite leave to remain.

About MLC Immigration Lawyers

MLC assists clients in their immigration matters, helping them to solve problems including refusals, administrative reviews, naturalisation, indefinite leave to remain and spouse visas. We believe that no matter what previous refusals a client has had, be it because of applications made without legal help or with another firm, we may still be able to successfully challenge these refusals and make a fresh application meeting the requirements.

The Journey to British Citizenship

Mr Jakaria came to MLC Immigration Lawyers with the intention for expert help in making a an application to become naturalised as a British citizen. He treats the UK as his home and wanted to take the final step in UK immigration. However, for naturalisation to be granted (which is considered to be a privilege rather than a right), we had to demonstrate that he had continuous lawful leave in the UK for the qualifying period. For Mr Jakaria, that period was 5 years as he was no longer married to a British citizen. Whilst for some clients this may be relatively straightforward if they have simply extended their visas or have switched within time limits, Mr Jakaria had been subject to wrongful decisions by the Home Office which had led to refusals and a Judicial Review decision. This made the case particularly complex.

Choosing MLC Immigration Lawyers

Mr Jakaria realised that his case was not an easy one and that to make the application himself would more than likely be refused and did not wish to risk losing the application fee by attempting this (the Home Office fee is currently a whopping £1330 for adults). Mr Jakaria therefore decided to instruct MLC Immigration Lawyers based on our 5 Star Google reviews and has since added to these reviews himself.

Upon instruction, we examined all of Mr Jakaria’s previous immigration history and formed a legal argument that our client’s apparent unlawful residence in the UK after the administrative review refusal was entirely without intention and was due to a wrongful decision on behalf of the Home Office; which was subsequently accepted upon the grant of indefinite leave to remain by Judicial Review. Mr Jakaria confirms that MLC’s helpful and friendly nature kept him stress-free throughout the naturalisation process (see google review).

“One of the best solicitor firm [sic] in Manchester. Annik and Hannah Wilkinson dealt with my case and they are fantastic. Hannah is really helpful, professional and friendly.”

Mr. Ishtiak Jakaria, Google Review

A Happy and Successful Outcome

Mr Jakaria’s application was successful thanks to MLC’s persuasive argument and allowed Mr Jakaria to become a British citizen as he has always wanted. Mr Jakaria will shortly be swearing an oath to the Queen at his citizenship ceremony and is now instructing MLC a second time for a visit visa application for his family members to come to the UK.

If you have a tricky immigration history and wish to make an application but don’t believe you meet the requirements, why not call us at MLC to discuss possible options, whether it be an application for naturalisation, settlement, visits, extensions or work-related visas. You can Call Us on 0161 2244224.

Hannah Wilkinson, Immigration Caseworker


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