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Business Immigration and UK Work Visas

The UK has a long tradition of supporting foreign nationals who wish to embark in business opportunities in the UK. Many migrants have successfully entered into business in the UK and have prospered by doing so. These traditions date back many years and are evident over the breadth of the country with a wonderful array of local and national business thriving under the leadership of foreign nationals from all over the world. This tradition is set to continue with the current governments focus on the importance of business and industry in the UK.

The Government wishes to attract the best and brightest individuals to undertake business in the UK and our experienced team of business immigration lawyers are looking forward to working with you to help you successfully secure a UK business visa.

There are multiple types of UK business visas that we support, including:

It is important to pick an experienced immigration lawyer to prepare your application. The current business immigration rules can be a minefield and require careful preparation and expertise to prepare the best application with the strongest possibility of success.

At MLC Immigration Lawyers, we have an experienced team of Business Immigration Law specialists who are able to quickly identify if you are able to meet the specific requirements of each particular route and also prepare the best possible visa application in order to strengthen your chance of having your visa granted or extended. Ultimately, allowing you to be able to focus on what’s important, your business and career.

Contact us today for a free initial assessment to discover how we can help you obtain a business visa in the UK.