Applying for a UK Visit Visa

//Applying for a UK Visit Visa

Applying for a UK Visit Visa

Thinking of applying for a Visit Visa for a loved one to visit you or are you the one making the application? Read on and find out how MLC’s experience can lead you to a successful outcome…

Applying for a Visit Visa to visit family, friends or simply just to see the beautiful sights in the UK should be afairly straightforward process. But in reality, the UK Government are not always in the mood to make it easy for visitors, often rejecting well intentioned and genuine applications for a Visit Visa.

So how best to prepare for Visit Visa application to visit the UK?

Firstly, think about whether you need some expert help. Experienced, regulated immigration advisers, such as MLCImmigration Lawyers, have dealt with a number of Visit Vsa refusals, successfully having decisions overturned and helping visitors make the long-awaited trip to the UK.

If you want to finally see your brother’s first child or Stonehenge has been on your bucket list – speak to one of our lawyers and find out how we can help.

I recommend MLC Immigration Lawyers to anyone. We were dealing with Annik who was very friendly and professional, he helped us sort out Visitor Visa for our mom. Now she is in the UK with us. Couldn’t be happier. Many thanks!!

Michal Swierz

Visit Visas are more complicated than they seem

The UK together with the Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man have stayed outside the Schengen Zone – an area of 26 EU countries where there are no border controls. This means that although one can travel to Dublin on a UK Visit Visa, you’ll have to forget about daytrips to France or Belgium. All is not lost though, you can still apply for a Schengen Visit Visa while in the UK – without the need to go back home.

Further, as a result of the UK making its own rules of admission for Visit Visor applications, Immigration Rules have been drafted in the vaguest of ways, allowing entry clearance officers more discretion than they are often qualified to handle!

Here’s an example. While the EU’s requirements for a Schengen Visit Visa are strict BUT clear e.g. the obligation to have a travel medical insurance cover of 30.000 EUR or more. The UK’s rules on the other hand, contains requirements such as to have sufficient funds to cover all reasonable costs in relation to their visit without working or accessing public funds.

So you might ask yourself, “what’s the definition of ‘sufficient funds then?” How will you know if your Visit Visa application has enough information to cover this rule? The reality is that you don’t know what the UK’s entry clearance officer will do.

“But this is where our services can really help. We can use our experience and knowledge of Visit Visa applications to make legal representations on your behalf to ensure a greater chance of a Visit Visa being successfully granted”. 

Aleksander, MLC Immigration Lawyer

Some really bizarre cases

Of course, giving entry clearance officers such as wide margin of discretion has resulted in a number of astonishingly wrong refusals for Visit Visas. Recent examples include the case of two Amsterdam University students applying to attend an academic conference; a decision that was overturned following nationwide media uproar. That was just one famous case (or infamous, depending on your outlook).

In reality, many people do not realise that artists and academics attending numerous UK-organised cultural andscientific events (Glastonbury and Fringe not excluded) need to apply for a Visit Visa, if they are from the countries listed in the Immigration Rules. And we’ve seen many absurd decisions where main guests of important events cannot attend due to the entry clearance officer’s doubt as to their intention to return home.

However, we think the final straw is the absolute absence of means to challenge or appeal the entry clearance officer’s decision to refuse a Visit Visa – other than going straight to court and apply for a judicial review of the decision. Naturally, most applicants will simply swallow such a bitter pill and try their luck again, spending another £90+ and waiting for three weeks filled with anxiety.

MLC Immigration Lawyers can help

We can provide you with the expert help you or your visitor needs to apply for a UK Visit Visa. We will prepare the Visit Visa application and provide legal representation where we anticipate there being potential issues thereby increasing the chances of a successful outcome. 

By Aleksander Bucholski

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