Home Office Immigration Rules – Break them at your peril!

//Home Office Immigration Rules – Break them at your peril!

Home Office Immigration Rules – Break them at your peril!

Ever heard the phrase “rules are made to be broken”? Whilst that kind of thinking might get you far in some instances, it certainly won’t get you anywhere with the Home Office.

The Home Office’s Immigration Rules are not for the feint hearted. There are hundreds upon hundreds of pages of legal text where immigration rules are cross referenced across multiple documents.  All this coupled with frequent changes and updates to the rules makes it challenging for even the most educated members of society to navigate their way around them.

You only have to follow the news to find multiple examples where the Government has refused a seemingly straightforward application for a visa or residency. Only this week, a Manchester based Singaporean doctor’s application for residency was refused on account of his application being 18 days late. Whilst we don’t know the specifics of this doctor’s case, we do know there are time limits within the rules that must be adhered to in order for the application to be valid.

Rules are rules, and if they are not met then the Home Office will not look on this favourably.

If you are thinking of making an application to the Home Office regarding an immigration matter then help is at hand. Our lawyers and caseworkers have developed significant knowledge of the Immigration Rules and how to apply them to individual cases. Contact Us for a Free Initial Consultation and see how we can help.


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