Roman’s Investor Visa Woes

//Roman’s Investor Visa Woes

Roman’s Investor Visa Woes

Being a billionaire investor can’t get you a UK Investor Visa these days or so it seems for Chelsea FC’s Russian owner, Mr. Roman Abramovich. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 15 years, you’ll know that Abramovich has spent hundreds of millions of pounds on Chelsea FC, transforming the London club from serial ‘also rans’ to relentless Premier League and Champions League winners. 

Media reports suggest that the Home Office has delayed issuing a new UK Investor visa to the Russian billionaire due to growing tensions between the UK and his home country. 

In a tit for tat move, Abramovich has shelved plans to build Chelsea’s new £1bn stadium which undoubtedly will have a significant effect on the local economy that may have been anticipating a boost as a result of the project. 

So what are Mr Abramovich’s options? His lawyers have already moved swiftly to secure Israeli citizenship for their client which will allow Abramovich to enter the UK on a visit visa. Whilst this does not allow him to work, study or live in the UK, it at least lets him enter the country whilst this all gets sorted. 

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