Immigration News brought to you by MLC Immigration lawyers

//Immigration News brought to you by MLC Immigration lawyers

Immigration News brought to you by MLC Immigration lawyers

Brexit, Home Office Raids, Five Star Reviews and more

Net Migration is Reducing – Good or Bad?

This week saw the Government publish figures showing net migration reducing in a development that will delight some, but not all. Businesses are certainly feeling the pinch with thousands of jobs remaining unfilled. Tej Parikh, senior economist at the Institute of Directors, said: “The decline in long-term migration will compound businesses’ concerns over their access to labour at a time when the labour market is particularly strained”.

As Theresa May and her Government officials continue to negotiate the terms of Brexit, it is truly unfortunate that nearly two years on from the referendum, EU nationals in the UK still face uncertainty about their future status.

Retail Makes its Move

Staying with the Brexit theme, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) has lobbied the Government’s Migration Advisory Committee to simplify the Points Based System. The government is conducting a consultation on the immigration system ahead of an Immigration Bill, which is due later this year, although it has delayed a white paper outlining its plans.

“Brexit presents an opportunity to design a new, sustainable immigration system that recognises the changing nature of retail, and has the confidence of the general public,” the BRC said.

We all eagerly await the Government’s plans for its post-Brexit immigration system.

Home Office Raids on Businesses

This week Immigration Enforcement Officers visited Diamond Nails in Stockton and detained two Vietnamese men suspected of being illegal workers. If the owners of Diamond Nails are not able to prove they carried out the correct checks, they could be liable for a £40,000 fine.

Similarly, Officers carried out a raid on Dalton Spice and arrested two Bangladeshi men accused of overstaying and working illegally. The owners of this takeaway could soon be counting the cost if they too are unable to prove that appropriate checks were carried out.

Are Migrants Afraid of Doctors?

Last week we shared the news that doctors are being asked by the Home Office to submit details of suspected illegal immigrants. A reported 8,000 migrants’ details have been passed to the Home Office already despite calls to halt the scheme for fear of deterring people from seeking medical attention. Now Public Health England has stepped in with the health watchdog saying the policy poses a “serious risk to health”.

Time will tell if NHS Digital will review its arrangement with the Home Office.

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